I have a wrestling heel promo, does anyone want to check it out?

I have a heel promo for wrestling, does anyone want to check it out, here goes; since I'm probably in wwe by then, the current commentators Michael Cole, Johnathan Coachman and Corey Graves introduce me as "Tyrone G.," I'm decked out in wrestling gear that consists of a (Green leather jacket)
Corn-rolls (in my head), just so you know, I'm an African-American, in my mid-20's, wearing glasses,
And tight pants, I get a pop reaction from the crowd; as I go into the ring, before facing Nicholas, here

is my promo: "So, New York, they say you are the city that never sleeps, huh? Well, you are also, the city that never wins either, your precious Knicks lose to Miami spurs twice in a row, that's what I have to say about my opponent Apollo Crews, let's just say that he's 0 for 2." Crowd boos, I say, "You can boo all you want, but you know it's true, he lost to John Cena last week, this week, he loses to me."
This doesn't violate the guidelines, so what do you think?


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  • As a Knicks fan, I find it funny because it's true. Lmao. However, I find that your promo is too "cookie-cutter" meaning that it has been done many times before. Picking on the audience and the city was a good way to get cheap heel heat in the 80's and 90's, but today's fans aren't as hostile towards that type of insult anymore.

  • There's no link what's your wrestling name?


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