Which country do you think had the most outstanding song/performance in Eurovision?

I honestly can't choose just one because there were a lot of awesome songs, however my unpopular opinion is that Israel shouldn't have won.


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  • was englands song hijackd because it was crap
    he hated England

    • Good question, I don't know. He just stole her mic out of the blue. Could be both reasons.

    • she will be on the voice in 3 years

    • Didn't know about that, but I hope she will find a more unique song because the one she sang last night was too mainstream (at least in my opinion).

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  • I thought they were all a bit boring this year. I didn't tune in until Serbia performed, so I missed some of the full performances, but the recaps were enough for me to sort of see what had been going on prior to when I tuned in. I thought Israel's was the funniest at least.


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  • My favourite was Estonia.


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