Harry potter and the cursed child, am I just stupid, or do these points actually not make sense?

1) Why is Ron portrayed as a mentally challenged person? making ''jokes'' and not understanding basic human distress signs, thinking it's ok for a 14 year old boy to be dating a girl in her 20s.

2) How the heck does Delphi have silver blond hair, when both her parents has jet black hair?

3) How can Lily and James go on a walk with baby Harry when they are supposed to be hiding inside their invisible home? In Lily's last letter to Sirius, she mentioned James getting depressed because they can't leave their home.

4) How in the name of **** did Albus and Scorpius get the blanket of baby Harry to send their parents that message?

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  • I haven't read/watched Cursed Child yet, but I hope that I can clear up the 3. for you: As far as I know, the Fidelius (the magic spell which was there to hid the house) was made quite a time after Harry was born. So its quite possible that Lily and James went on walks with him before that.

    • I don't to spoil the story for you, but it happened on the same day Voldy killed them

    • Okay then you're right and it is a plot hole. But I already heard that the cursed child does have some plot problems that's why I'm refusing to read it.

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  • Apparently these books are made up, or so I've heard.


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