What are your thoughts and perspective on "This is America" song/video by Gambino?

I feel like Donald definitely opened our eyes to some uncomfortable historical and present unpleasantness in the United States.

I have more to say on the symbolism and the correlation between the video and lyrics, but that would be pretty lengthy.

What are your thoughts on it all?


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  • I think it's trash. That is not America. That as one person's opinion of what life is like for a select few individuals in America. Those select few choose that kind of life because they are too lazy or too uneducated to make a better life fir themselves.

  • leave donald alone, you leftie bih

    • actually, I've been a fan of his since culdesac... not trying to stir up argument. I just want to engage in conversation with fellow viewers and fans. that alright with you? yeah? thanks!

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