Share the music you listen to?

Has anyone got a song stuck in there head atm. Or do you liaten to random songs. Like i can go from pink floyd to linkin park in a click and then to ben e king


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  • I switch a lot but the one i'm listening to right now is

    • I recognise this song. Not sure where from though. Good song though :D

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    • Good observation! Yeah it seems like all the popular music is turning towards rnb and rap songs.

    • If only there was more people that listened to 80s music. And then they will realise the song s have other meanings other than sex drugs and crime

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  • I listen to all sorts of songs. Right now drank by Kendrick Lamar is stuck in my head. My playlist ranges from soul, techno beat, rap to country etc. You should listen to Electric by Alina Baraz

    • I have just listened to electric thanks for reccommending a good song. Definitly going on my playlist :)

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    • Damn! Cool song, thanks man

    • Ahh its nothing. You showed me a good song i showed you one

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  • I listen illenium, some kygo remixes and CRO - a German hip hop artist - check his songs "noch da" (still there) or "unendlichkeit" (infinity) or "Traum" (dream) out - I would be very pleased if you could share your opinion on these tracks!

    • Im not a massive fan of noch da. But unendlichkeit and traum are great songs

    • Yeah I thought so ^^ - but the lyrics of "noch da" are cool - in my opinion - there's a second meaning to it

    • I listen to sdp and peter fox. Even though i dont speak german the lyrics are so catchy

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