Which album do you think was better? Michael Jackson's Off The Wall album or Thriller?

Many people say Off The Wall and many others say Thriller so i just wanna know y'all opinion lol


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  • To me, Thriller because everybody cannot forget the hit tracks of Billie Jean (which everybody wanted to do & be MJ and dance by doing the Moonwalk, Robot, Spin, & the tip toe), Beat It (MJ group dance) Thriller (MJ Group dance), Human Nature, Wanna Be Startin Somethin, PYT, Girl is Mine, and Baby be mine.

    • That's just about the whole album too!! The whole album was filled with hits lol

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    • No way, for man like my self that grew up in the 80s, in schools, house parties, Clubs, every kid, teenagers as well as young adults especially boys that knows how to dance did the MJ dance, the most favorable songs that we sing was those hit songs that I men earlier. Off the Wall songs that were hits that people remember the most are "Dont Stop till you get enough" and "Wanna Rock with you". When MJ did Thriller it was more then pop. It was music phenomenon and ahead of his time with great freedom.

    • Lol u have a point

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  • Thriller was a good album, but I think Off The Wall really illustrated to talent of MJ.

  • Off the wall, hands down

  • I agree with Dave Chappelle... He made Thriller!

    • Some people think Off The Wall had better songs but Thriller was more popular lol

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