Make up a Character in a Book you would Write, What is His or Her name?


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  • Female protagonist - Edda Bowman
    Male protagonist - Mark Maloney

    • Paris13 Wise ol owl. xxoo

    • Why did you selected me for MHO..
      have i already shared the idea of my novel with you before

  • Deshawn Rhodes- A new student to his school and the guy new in the neighborhood. He is exception at everything he does a smart student who aces test and quizzes, really athletic that he could be the star of a sports team, can play instruments and everything. But he secludes himself in order to keep a dark secret about his life.


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  • Josué. He is half Haitain, a quarter African American, and a quarter Hispanic. His full name is Josué William Ramirez. He lives with his mom; his parents separated when he was a baby. His best friend's name is Holly (full name Holly Victoria Stein). He is skinny with an afro of sorts. But he has hazel-colored eyes.
    He doesn't see his dad that often, who lives in a different state (Josué lives in Massachusetts). He is 17 and a high school senior when he dies over Christmas vacation in 1994. He was murdered.

  • I am writing a book which you may remember me telling you and have been working on it every chance I get.
    My main character is an 11 year old girl- which is inspired by my daughter- her name is Isabell Dewburry.
    It's many genres but mainly fantasy.

    • Go for it, Jaye, it is rewarding. Catch my new Play out "Julie's Web."xx

    • I will check it out- can't wait!
      Thanks for the MHO!

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