What's your thoughts or prejudices on fanfiction, writers or readers?

I keep noticing that many people either hide the fact they enjoy fanfiction or that many people talk crap about it.
So I want to hear what you think? Why that is, have you tried writing or reading any? Do you know any that enjoys fanfiction?

I really enjoy fanfiction myself, both reading and writing, although I am fully aware that there are a lot of bad ones out there.
For me, I also use it to practice getting better at writing, while enjoying a universe and characters you love.


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  • In general I sort if link it to smut. I did read a Harry Potter fanfic though (Harry Potter and The Methods of Rationality) which was fantastic. I dare say better than the original.

    • Yeah, there is a lot of smut out there. Both good and bad.

      Heard of that fanfic, especially from my brother, he loved it as well. There are some great ones out there.

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  • I read and write copious amounts of fanfic. Writing is a craft, fanfiction writers are better than a lot of real published authors I've read and they're posting their 500k novels they wrote in their spare time online for no profit.

    There is so much fanfiction with very real very raw dialogue.


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  • Obviously there's a shit ton of bad ones out there, but there are also good ones. As an amateur writer, I actually like writing fanfiction of a sort. I usually write a story that takes in an established universe (Halo, or Maze Runner for example), but write an original story with my own characters and plots. I feel like when that's done, there can be some pretty cool stories

    • I don't understand those that follow the original story almost completely.

      I'm more into stories that keep the character, have their own plot and either make something in an alternative universe or in the original universe.

    • I agree 100%
      Take the original work as an inspiration, and use it to make something great if your own!

  • Nothing wrong with it in my opinion but there is a lot of crap out there.

    • True true, but you sometimes have to suck before you can get better.

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    • Yeah, I know it is. Though I haven't read it, I've heard there are quite a bit bad things about the book. But I cannot really judge it, as I haven't read it yet.

    • Ya it's not exactly on the top of my reading list either.

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