How do I save my only hope?

Hey, I'm Nick and I am a dumbass. I am disappointing my parents, I am stuck with being a faliure, I am always put down by even my family because I am nothing, I am failing many classes but I am talented in music (guitar and composing) and lyric writing (not singing unfortunately can't afford lessons :( ) and I have 2 other friends that are down to make a band with me, one of them is failing everything like me but a great drummer and the other friend can just play guitar, he just plays what he's given. I want to start the band ALREADY time is ticking. I am scared. The Beatles are our motivation to everything, they are amazing and we hope we can make a living like them. I am kept by extremely strict parents and have to be hope at 8 or 9 sharp and I can't move anywhere when I'm an adult because I am broke and I don't want a service job. Like the only problem we have is that we are all financially unstable and we have no place where we can practice and leave our drums... We need ideas to finding free space to practice and leave our drums. we really need suggestions... please. Here is a list of what we tried already and DIDN'T and WON'T work so you don't mention it in the comments:

1.) We already asked a church for space
2.) We already asked our schools for space
3.) We already asked stores for space
4.) We already asked our parents if we can use our room for space
5.) We already tried getting a job but they will interfere with our education so we would rather stick to finding free space.
7.) We already advertised our need for space

If you can think of something, you saved me, I'll be grateful. Thanks! :3


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  • A while back we had an arrangement to gig in an unused barn of a farmhouse. The owner was retired and we were on good terms with him.

  • Focus on school, finish school, find a job after finishing school. Use that to fund the band

    • I need to start early.

    • Well you're clearly not in a position to start, until you come across some sort of opportunity it would be best to be doing something with your time that'll help you in the long run

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