I hit a dead end when writing songs?

I neee some help with my music and my guitar. I know all the basic chords, as well as a couple of bar chords. My problem is that I want to write music, but everytime I do I hit this dead end when I try to actually finish a song.

Then I don't feel that accomplished because I want to write alternative indie rock music, but I can't play lead guitar, only rythm. I've only been playing guitar for about a year, but I have made tremendous leaps in progress because I play constantly. I feel like I should be better than what I am, but my current instructor plays drums and not guitar. He's taught me all he can; I feel like it's time to move on.

Then when it comes to my songwriting I feel like I hit a brick wall, aka writer's block and I can't overcome it. I get my point across too early in the song, and I usually only have 50 or so seconds on a recording.

Are there any musicians here who can help?
I hit a dead end when writing songs?
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