Do you have any songs you listen to when you are feeling sad or depressed?

I usually listen to yellowcard and sum 41, crying in a pillow for whatever reason when life brings me down, what do you listen to? Or how would you cope being depressed or sad?Do you have any songs you listen to when you are feeling sad or depressed?


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  • I can't say depressed , but i love the feeling of sadness in general , it feels like you are slowing down in life
    May favorite music to listen
    FMA soundtracks , they really hit the nerves , it makes you feel so sad, i usually listen and remember the scenes in it
    But i found this video that have some quotes, and now i am going to watch it feel that sad nice feeling :)
    I advise you to watch at at 1:47 you will start feeling it


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    -Three days of grace pain killer this song describes almost perfectly how i feel

    I love shiloh so i listen to him a lot

    - lonely david alexander

    - sarcastic sounds losing time
    - sarcastic sounds i dont sleep
    - sarcastic sounds dead dreams

    -essence why have we lost each other

    -monty datta can't love myself

    - mishaal so fine not a song i listen to when im sad but overall great song

    - anything with hotel books


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  • I’ve given up on you by Real Friends
    I hope this comes back to haunt you by Neck Deep
    I won’t say that I’m ok by Front Porch Step
    Clairvoyant by The Story So Far
    A part of me by Neck Deep
    I listen to sad song to make me feel even more sad be sometimes it’s fine to feel sad for a bit.


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