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  • Engineered from the ground up to be hit machines. They only had to show up and sing the words put in front of them. They were truly the first "boy band".

    With that, they had the best song writers and studio musicians in the industry. Great songs perfectly engineered. A whole lot of unknown talents behind those guys.

    • The first manufactured band too. Inspired The Partridge Family, Brady Bunch, The Archies, KISS etc...

  • The Pre-Fab Four, made for television. The 2hole show and concept was put together before they cast those guys to become a band. They caught some criticism because in season one, they sang but didn't play the music themselves. By the second season, they had learned to play their own instruments. They had to record them separately because they were goofballs and got nothing done if they were together. I love that part, it's like they actually were the parts they were playing.


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