Which bench picture do you choose?

  • Which bench picture do you choose?
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  • Which bench picture do you choose?
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  • Which bench picture do you choose?
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  • Which bench picture do you choose?
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  • I like the black and white aesthetic and A has the best overall exposure (I assume due to HDR). However, I feel like the brightness of the tree in the foreground is a little overdone and gives it a clinical or fake feeling.

    I suggest either masking in some transparency on the overexposed image if you're in photoshop or dropping the midtones/shadows a little on the tree with a mask in Lightroom. Or do that however you do that in your editing program.

  • Voted "mediocre," though I reject the "noxiously" portion of the formulation. It is not that bad. The problem with this photo is slightly different from the last one you posted.

    While this photo has a focal point - the bench - the problem is that it is not proportional to the rest of the photo. Rather than creating - as I am assuming was intended - an atmosphere of placidity and pastoral quiet, the small size of the bench relative to the photo creates a feeling of smallness and insignificance.

    It is quite a jarring juxtaposition and in that narrow sense is less effective than your prior posting. (I refer to this photo: Do you like this picture? ↗ Although interestingly both photos share a certain similar defect in that, in each case, the subject is diminished relative to the whole of the photos.

    In terms of the colors and shading in the other variations of this photo, they simply do not add much. Option B is probably the best insofar as it intensifies the shading, giving the photo a certain bucolic quality - you can imagine yourself relaxing in the shade of the trees - but again, the smallness of the bench relative to the photo diminishes that coziness, for lack of a better term, that the it really needs to work.

    That said, the theme of the photo is lovely - a sense of summer and relaxation - and notwithstanding what I said about the juxtaposition being jarring, it has much to speak for it. Natural colors - as opposed to what you did in a couple of the variations - might have helped. Alternatively, an emphasis on the shade - being careful not to be too dark - might also have helped.

    Overall, not a bad photo, just not a great one. As I say, mediocre, but hardly noxiously so.

    • P. S. Meant to mention one other thing. The position of the bench is not quite right. By having the arm of the bench cut across the seat of the bench - from the perspective of the viewer - that sense of welcome and invitation to be seated within the photo is almost literally blocked.

      A slight move of the camera to the viewer's right - showing more of the seat - might have worked a bit better.

    • Thank you, this helps majorly :)

    • Thanks. Glad I could be of some help. Keep up the good work.

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