What should I draw?

I'll post a picture of the drawing once i finish. Nothing dumb, please. Serious requests only.
~ Mrs Manson
i've only been able to draw 4 of them so far, working on the rest.
thanks for requesting
~ Mrs Manson


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  • A huge eye with an iris that looks like the moon a huge tear drop going down from that moon eye and dropping int freefall with the faint figure of a person inside the tear freefalling with it while having the back of the figure face the ground and the arms and legs pointing upwards as if the figure is asleep while in freefall. The background should look like the night sky and the foreground should have a couple of misty clouds.


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  • lingerie, i can't seem to stop drawing lingerie, harnesses and garters... must.. buy... (? :P

    • Looks like something out of Game of Thrones.

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    • I don't play computer or video games, but sometimes I glance at the covers, and see women carrying swords twice as long as they are tall, and protected superfluously by armor that looks more like lingerie than armor. Sorry, quite random I know. Maybe you can be a lingerie designer. Or a costume designer.

    • @dantetheexplorer oh I see, with thigh high boots, gloves and a spear she could be an elven warrior or something like that lol and I've been thinking about making lingerie too..

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