Which out of these two super powers would want to have?

So , I am starting to write a take , about Code Geass and Death Note
I think I should make a question about it.

So I will ask a couple , this is the first one.
Out of the two powers in the anime , which one would you like?
I will put a brief about them:

#CodeGeass :
"Lelouch's Geass manifests itself as "the power of absolute obedience," (絶対遵守) which allows him to plant commands within a person's mind upon direct eye contact."
Nope, I will put them in MyTake

You can write anyone name in it , and the way they die (reasonable way) time of death, and full name, if you have a fake name you won't be able to do it , and the person's face, if there is no cause of death it will be an heart attack as default.
There are more rules, but this is the main thing.
Those two are awesome
Those two are awesome

which one would you chose?
  • Code Geass :the power of absolute obedience
    Vote A
  • Death Note
    Vote B
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Most Helpful Girls

  • I will use codegeass to control people like Donald trump I will make him free palestine, help rohingya Muslims return to Burma as equal citizens, help Syrians build news houses, compensate for all the loss Syrians, rohingyas, palestinians suffered. I will make him free Kashmir. I will make him give justice to iraq. I will make Saudi Arabia stop selling oil to america. I will make Theresa May make the process of brexit faster because she is a lazy pig


Most Helpful Guys

  • Never actually watched either of them, but I've heard about Death Note and I think the rules can be tricky. And besides, with the power of abosolout obediance I can just make someone kill themselves anyway so... If I really wanna kill someone I can make them stab themselves 37 times in the chest, no magic book needed.

    • Yup indeed
      Just give an order

    • In that case why is this even a choice? It's like being asked would you rather have Omnipotence or the ability to go anywhere whenever you want. Kind of an easy choice, haha.

  • I'll take the death note. When watching the anime I identified with light's goal and his vision of the world, ridding it of evil, even if his measures were a bit extreme and had collateral damage. I would do a better job at it myself and make sure that evil is eradicated from the world, making those who deserve it pay for what they did

    Although lelouch's power could be used for the same thing, just by giving someone the order to go and kill someone, but this would be more direct and less stealthy.

    • Direct is code geass
      LOL just look them in the eyes

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    • Yeah, but don't forget that L is fictional, and in reality there'd be no detective who'd be on par with L, not to mention he had a lot of luck as well, and the main reason he kept suspecting light was because he set his own mind on the idea that light is kira, rather than focusing purely on hard evidence he focused on his emotional drive. and there's a few plot holes that, if put in a more realistic context, would've brought light closer to victory.

    • I see
      Well you chose what you want to have
      Enjoy 😬

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What Girls Said 11

  • I don't want to kill anyone

  • Code Geass. With obedience, if I wanted someone dead I could just tell them to kill themselves. I could also tell people to do things that will benefit either myself or others, tell criminals to stop doing crime, etc.

  • I really don’t want to play god but I feel like I’d pick death note to make it so people will live longer

    • lol
      who is that going to help?

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    • If i remember right, the death note can be used to control a person for 48 hours before their death, so I don't think the book's rules would allow you to extend life. The only way you could extend someone's life is by killing the person who was supposed to end it

    • @4pple I don't remember the rules 😅

  • Code Geass :the power of absolute obedience. I would be able to get the job I want easily and lower the prices of grocery XD

  • If I really have to choose..
    I would go with "Code Geass" one cause I don't think I handle "god like power of Kiara and serve justice to humanity..! Just think for once how insane can this thought be..! You can take away anyone's life without even blinking an eye and he used that kind of power for his advantage and proved that none of the belief is right and wrong in this world, it just have to serve your purpose. You can mend it or break it whenever you feel like and that's how kira made "justice" manifest in that series.

    • Lol you just said too much
      I am writing about it a take
      But thanks for sharing 😊

    • ah, sorry
      shouldn't have said that much..
      anyways, would love to read your angle on this topic..! :)

    • Thanks
      I will do a take on this
      That's why I am asking about it

  • Code Geass

  • Code geass

  • I'd go with Code Geass

  • Power of absolute obedience could be used to kill people by telling them to kill themselves. Regardless I don't want to kill anyone anyway, so I chose the power of absolute obedience

  • None of them

  • I don’t understand


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