Is it too late to be a YouTube content creator?

I've had this on and off again desire to make YouTube videos. There was always something that held me back: I wasn't very good or confident or I simply didn't know what to make. I doubt it would ever be a career; more just a hobby. I've been feeling like making a start, but...

Recently, i've been hearing about "Article 13" which had me concerned. Nicknamed "the meme ban" it would require websites to have upload filters and what is deemed "copyright infringing" is left up to an AI (the concern being a robot can't tell the difference between fair use parody and infringement.)
I'm personally not a fan of memes, but I wanted to see what all the concern was about.

I looked into it a little and while I think "meme ban" is somewhat of a stretch as the article specifically mentions that works of parody (which memes fall under) and critique are still fair use, I can understand people's concern and no doubt this system will result in all sorts of false flagging. Despite this however, it wouldn't be impossible to create a YouTube channel right?

I suppose the biggest factor is: "what content does the channel create?". I know it's been done to death, but I love video games. So i'd probably stick to doing lets plays, reviews and maybe some animations relating to video games. I can see the animations being okay; my drawing style probably wouldn't even be recognized. But as long as I don't actually do anything infringing, would I still be able to make video game reviews and lets plays?


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