Who was your favorite Spider Man?

Personally it’s prefty close between Tobey and Tom. But I think the reason for Tobey is just because I liked his movies. Holland on the other hand played a great spider man in general. Very true to the character and fun. Tobey wasn’t too bad besides the occasional weird face. Overall I’d go with tobey as my favorite but Holland is close behind him. But as I said that’s mostly cuz I liked the first trilogy... even spider man 3

but I must say fuck Andrew Garfield Spider-Man. He’s a dick.

i like spider man
  • Who was your favorite Spider Man?Toby’s Macguire
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  • Who was your favorite Spider Man?Andrew Garfield
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  • Who was your favorite Spider Man?Tom Holland
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  • I just watched the Tom Holland one. I liked that he portrayed the youngest Peter Parker and the sensibilities that come with it.


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