Favorite old cartoon poll?

Favorite old cartoon poll?
  • Favorite old cartoon poll|?The Peanuts
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  • Favorite old cartoon poll|?Betty Boop
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  • Favorite old cartoon poll|?Popeye the Sailor man
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  • Favorite old cartoon poll|?Tom & Jerry
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  • Favorite old cartoon poll|?Go speed racer
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  • Favorite old cartoon poll|?Flinstones
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  • Favorite old cartoon poll|?Many more/other
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  • I voted Speed Racer because it actually had some complex story lines. Even when I watched it as a kid in the 1960s, I was fascinated by the action, some of the stories, but also some of the human relationship complexity such as Racer X being Speed's older brother but that Speed and Pop's didn't know it. Even though Racer X was a competitor, he actually looked out for Speed. I don't remember why Racer X had a falling out with Pops though. This sort of storytelling is beyond what is for kids which, as an adult 50 years later, I realize that the Japanese writers must also have been writing for the parents who'd be watching this show with their kids.

    I also like Gigantor and the Kimba the White Lion which Disney ripped off and titled as The Lion King.



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  • Yogy Bear ( doesn't looked to be spelled right)
    The Flintstones
    The Jetson's
    Bugs Bunny - the Merry melodies
    I like just about every one of the old cartoons better than the new ones of today besides SpongeBob that is.

  • Dexter laboratory


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