Girls, would you let your teen son star in a slasher movie?

So my niece 20 ... is trying to make a slasher film for her film project... The story is about a psycho woman who has escaped prison and has got to a summer camp with teens and she kills them off
In the story 3 teen girls and 8 teen boys are killed off by this psycho killer woman and the last survivors are 2 girls who manage to escape and defeat this killer.
so during the audition a lot of the mom's of the boys didn't want their son to die in the film... instead wanted them to be the heroes and be the survivors... which is unfortunate because this story has two surviving heroines LOL
so would you let your teen boy star in this slasher?
  • yes i'd let him do the death scene
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  • no i don't want him to do a death scene
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  • Absolutely if he wanted to

    • 7d

      you know the woman who didn't want her son to be a part of the film later came back for the role when she heard the pay was 5000$ for 6 days LOL... her son played one of the characters and ends up as a victim who gets stabbed in the back by the psycho killer woman

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    • 6d

      I don't know why talk to text spelled it that way lol

    • 6d

      haha its fine LOL... but yeah i will admit in my niece's film male characters do get killed off more but then again she's a woman and wanted to show the power of girls who can survive such a bad situation

  • No problems - So long as I didn't have to watch it

    • 6d

      why what's the problem watching it?

    • 6d

      I don't mind thrillers or suspense movies but slasher movies 😩

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