Hey people! Lets type some raps?

Bring it on punks ( family friendly and no n word please 😂)Hey people! Lets type some raps?
Dang forget the question mark in the title
G&G? more like Hemophilia b
Namby pamby punks who too scared to be!
Cmon cowards, catfishes can't even catch a child rhyme you cornheaded cheaps!


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  • Bippity boppity boo I love coffee how about you?


    • 3d

      Coffie? Yes, bc of caffeine
      It turns up my brain
      ChocolateCheesecake too could come cool cuz i thought this question was going in vain

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    • 3d

      True and thanks!
      Was thinking this would
      drool in blanks.
      Was going to take a
      Broom and dash!
      the question off from my profile

  • Bitches be hate'in
    When they see I bring it
    They can't take it
    Talk shit but can't face me
    All they do is blame me
    Don't wanna work but want fame
    Need money but has No game
    They are all the same
    And when I come they're in pain
    Never felt this insane drane
    Everything seams so plain
    But I'm moving forward I'm sitting on a plane
    This shits so insane
    Everything is in the frame
    But nobody can explain the hate
    I hear shots every day
    And the sun goes down And it's time to play
    Psycho is behind the mask like MJ on the tape
    G's get off the fucking drape
    I got in once and I'm not going back to the grave
    I'm becoming greater cause they know they can't just pray
    My flow is hotter than flames
    I worked for this slay
    I'm not psychotic like Damer
    But rap faster than shady every day
    6 words a second is what I call a win
    Keep going back bitch cause you're in the sin
    Thats what I call a freestyle with some grace
    I call the shots so stay in place
    Just incase
    Cause these are just one of the cases so
    Say mama I made it!
    //Anonymous from... Is cursing and using swear words a turn off? ↗

    This was just a freestyle so it's not so Good lol but I have rapped since I was 9 so yeah. And the best Ones goes to my songs not for GaG.

    • 2d

      Niice! Tbh almost each rap took about an hour to write. 😂 . Im out of your league lol

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    • 2d

      Thanks but I'm sure you're Good!

    • 1d

      😂 thanks!

Most Helpful Guys

  • Dangerous but you take me like joke like them xanny bars
    Catch me writin’ zany bars chillin’ out in Zanzibar
    Rappers these days soundin’ sweeter than some candy bars
    They ridin’ bikes with no seat, just the wheels, frame, and handlebars

    Steady blowin’ O’s, cuz I got weed to burn
    Got that shit to fuck your head up like a bad perm
    Find me high as fuck, watchin’ Shirley & Laverne
    Roll one up for everyone so it’s never not your turn

    I’m with my homey Sherm, ironic that he slang dust
    He got that water water, fiends be goin’ bankrupt
    We game sluts, your bitch, she tryna bang us
    You lame ducks at home jerkin’ it to Bang Bus

    And you can’t change us, homey, you should know this
    Listen, if you need some bitches, I can get hoes, kid
    If you short on paper, got one for the low, kid
    Her face atrocious but the top’s ferocious

    And I’m chiefin’ diesel, sour like a lemon is
    Ever since my genesis, ain’t met a worthy nemesis
    Run and tell ‘em this, my rap style is venomous
    You can’t take the heat, stay out the kitchen like a feminist


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  • Which of y'all is the best freestyle rapper? ↗

    don't bring in @whitesteve @kapakani or @redeyemindtricks. those 3 got bars! :D

    I'd had 1 to start, but i wanna bring this 1 back cause it was my classic :P

    Bruh, you can't hit dat cause your timing's impeccable
    But if you didn't get beat up on Guerrero I'd think you're highly respectable

    You might think you can join in anytime you want
    But get the fuck away cause my dick is ready to flaunt
    I might let you borrow this bitches panties
    But you ain't fuckin dis bitch so fuck off Denny

    You might have a chance since dis bitch be bad
    You think you might have
    A chance if that's what you ask

    Bitches be cheating on me and that's a no no
    I'll go insane cause I'mma boutta blow... No homo

    damn son you bitch more that bitch's mother
    She always complainin' bout me sayin this, that and then the other
    Da fuck dog, she thinks I need some viagra enhancers?
    Bitch, shut the fuck up and maybe you wouldn't be dyin' of cancer

    You know not being a creepy shit is a helluva start

    • 2d

      It's calm before the storm right here. Wait, how was i going to start?😂

      Your rap so suck
      didn't even read much.
      Duck! Before i pluck ya potluck
      I'm rap Chuck, not a lucky cuck
      Tuck or sup that brass
      you uncutted *cough* nuck.
      *glug, glug*

      Tommy? More like Ammy,
      You are facing a tsunami,
      A rhyming machine, lying me?

      *Rat-a-tat-tat-tat* listen that you fat cat with tats on your crap doing rhymeless rap
      Prep your mat to lie flat
      on that, fake nat *pat pat*
      and then *SLAP*

      oh did that hurt?

      Is dat your hat, brat? Flying like a bat?
      I think i hit too hard. Lacks skill but ok lets just chat. Snapchat? Just look at that! I'll hit u if i need any
      animal fat.
      Peace ✌

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    • 2d

      Hoi i didn't say anything sexual 😂😂

  • Pull up in the monster, automobile gangsta
    with a bad bixxx that came from Sri Lanka
    Yeah I'm in the Tonka color of Willy Wonka
    You can be the king but watch the queen conquer

  • Thanos is the man
    he'll slap you the candy man
    make your face red tan

    Then snap you out of existence
    Be patient
    Cuz your demise is meant.

    now turn to ash
    bitch ass

    • 3d

      *ehem* mmm... You mean eminem? You feminine lemon. Can T rap? No! he only can brag and Snap. Cap. A is still up brat
      Infinity stones are nothing!
      Illuminative tones of em
      will make you blushing
      Stormbreaker ( not you wiener) made T's face greener.
      He is a total looser...

    • 3d

      Call me Champion Man of the justice League,
      While i'm not even in a league

      I punish the guilty
      cuz they can't feel me
      innocent go free
      just so they can believe they got the power
      soon later with my power they be devour.

      Thanos go vamoose!!!

  • Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Horse head in your bed
    Fredo, I know it was you


  • Here's a thing I wrote. It is inspired from Venom-

    Venom Venom scream it aloud
    We're gonna chase you when there's no one around
    We're gonna chew you thousand times in our mouth
    Hold on! Don't yell or shout
    Cause unexpected is still yet to arrive
    We're gonna rip you off alive
    Enough of the heroes we're anti
    We invincible, our limit is the sky
    We're the future, we're the present
    Surrender to us we're super impatient
    Venom Venom scream it aloud
    We're gonna chase you again in the crowd!


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