How good is this drummer, Mel Taylor?

Do you like this live footage of this bend? Some music sites have Mel Taylor on the best drummers of all time lists but I don't know much about percussionists and drums, either way this song is cool and the genre is called surf rock and it's also cool so I hope you enjoy if you give it a listen, it's a really cool song and also their act on the stage


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  • Best is a subjective term.
    He isn't the most technically proficient drummer; not even close.
    That doesn't mean he's no good.
    What you see him playing is single strokes (LRLRLRLR). This is the first thing you learn when you start studying.
    I'm sure he was a great fit for that band and his timing is excellent.
    Again, he isn't a bad player, however I don't find his work inspiring

    • I see. I understand yeah, I watched some impressive percussion videos myself, but I have only once sat behind a drum set long time ago and my friend showed me one really simple this (like a drum roll or something), not sure how exactly it is called but you go four strokes from the those timpans then the smaller ones four strokes each and it sounds cool too, I think it is a great destressing thing to have that drum set..
      are you a drummer yourself? feel free to post a cool video of some cool percussionist who you like

    • There are lots of guys I find inspiring. I tend to focus on little things that each of them do that makes them unique. Will Hunt, Glen Sobel, Thomas Pridgen, Matt Cameron, Raymond Herrera, Darren King to name a few

  • What he's doing is honestly not very difficult. He makes it look great... fast, loud, and intense... very showy... but it's quite basic.

    For its time, it's pretty cool though.


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