For any audiophiles on this site... What is your favourite Steely Dan album?

Due to the poll limits, I couldn't add Two Against Nature and Everything Must Go, but if they are your favourite, please place them down in the comments! :)

I am torn between Aja and Royal Scam... I love the rawness and tension of Royal Scam, and the smooth, polished feel of Aja. The title track of Aja was the reason why I got into drumming... Took me YEARS to get those solos down! The Royal Scam has some of the best riffs and lyrics in any album in that time. Very hard for me to choose haha
  • Can't Buy A Thrill
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  • Countdown To Ecstacy
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  • Pretzel Logic
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  • Katy Lied
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  • The Royal Scam
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  • Aja
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  • Gaucho
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  • Definitely an audiophile but I hadn't heard of Steely Dan before this post. After half an hour of trying I won't be hearing of him after either. He must enjoy experimenting with noise a lot in his songs. The ones I heard were a clash of tons of them. Nice you've found a musician you enjoy though.

    • Steely Dan are a group of consisting mainly of two members. The other members are usually hired studio/session musicians. Sadly, one of the members had passed away over a year ago :/

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    • I'll message ya

Most Helpful Guy

  • voted aja but it's between that and can't buy a thrill.

    a rather underrated band. one of my favorite scenes in the sopranos is still tony soprano driving around singing "i don't want to do your dirty work no moooore"


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  • I could never really get into steely dan, maybe because my dad likes them so much

    • I always did. They were the musical anti-heroes of their time.

    • Ok I’ll give them a proper chance, what’s your favorite album and I’ll give it a listen

    • Either Royal Scam or Aja. But if you want a more rock-influenced tone, I would listen to Royal Scam. If you want a more jazz-influenced tone, listen to Aja.

  • I don't know who steely Dan is


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