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you're 26. live with your family in Texas so you don't pay rent, and your have a level one position that pays 72,000 a year. Cost of living in Texas is pretty low. Your family lives on Texas

You get an offer from a company in Boston for a Senior position that pays 85,000. Cost of living in Boston is high, and now you would have to pay rent. You don't know anyone in Boston
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  • It would depend on the job and the company. If Boston was the career I'd been aiming for, heck yes! But if the Texan one is then I'm happy to earn less to be where I'm happy and helpful. Not to mention I can make a difference with the money I'm not paying in rent (or plane tickets to visit my family!)


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  • Stay in Texas. The cost of living in Boston is not just high, it’s ridiculous. You’d lose so much money on rent if you went to Boston

  • Yeah I’d move because that’s a way higher salary which will more than accommodate the cost of rent. Also it’s a higher level job for the resume and you can expand horizons


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