Kurt cobain or Jim Morrison?

I love these two men like... a lot.

they are both pretty similar. Like attractive faces good voices and I personally feel their music somewhat resembles as well. They both seemed pretty anti establishment and had several rebellious moments throughout their lives as well as both having drug and alcohol problems that heavily influenced their work.

honestly to me it’s too close to call. However I prefer Jim’s voice a little more than Kurt (he sounds like Sinatra on lsd to me) but Kurt’s raspy voice is still awesome

Kurt was in nirvana. Jim was in the doors.

and if course both died at 27

for some reason I feel like Kurt’s gonna win but their both well respected musicians who are of around equal in musical heaven.
  • Kurt cobain or Jim Morrison?Kurt cobain
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  • Kurt cobain or Jim Morrison?Jim Morrison
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  • Kurt cobain or Jim Morrison?Haven’t heard of either/ one of these guys so ron Jeremy by default
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  • Can’t pick. Too much talent.
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