Have you seen “Antichrist”?

Have you seen “Antichrist”?

I just watched it today. I see why people wouldn’t like it since it’s slow movie and a little bizarre. But I enjoyed the surrealness and the cold sexual vibes through the film, as well as some growing satanism

Basically the plot is a a couple son falls to his death while the two are having sex. The husband is a psychologist of some kind and he tries to treat her on his own.

I also enjoyed the fairly subtle yet strong performances by Mr Willem Dafoe and his costar whose name i can’t remember.

fun fact: Willem wanted to do a nude scene but Lars von Trier wouldn’t let him, claiming his penis was “confusingly large”. However I’ve seen a vid of Dafoe doing a nude dance for some theater thing and I’m pretty sure the soft dick we see is his, but the full erect scene is him using a double.
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  • I'm fairly certain that I lived with him until I was 17. To this day, I continue to try to look for the mark of the beast on my brother. It's likely hidden under his hair


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  • I might watch it, but because of the element of Satanism I'm not going to watch it alone. I'm going to probably watch it with someone... incase I get possessed XD


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