What did you think of captain marvel?

So I’m thinking about seeing it but I want to make one thing clear.

the movie has a female lead (no problem with that at all) but it’s been described as a feminist movie. and tbh if it’s gonna be all about how men are assholes then I’m not gonna be into it... again nothing against having a female superhero.

however i I saw an article saying it only has a couple feminist based scenes while the rest of the film focuses on other issues (this is the only one where I’m 90% sure the writer has actually seen the movie)

but I figured I could ask you guys. Is it basically “radical feminist propaganda” or is it just a movie with about a lady hero? Or is it somewhere in between?

(Preferably people who’ve seen it)


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  • It's really good. It's definitely a feminist movie considering it's all about a woman taking control of her life and her power.
    A feminist movie does not mean a movie that is all about bashing men. One of the main characters is Nick Fury.
    There's no overt messages about inequality or anything like that. There's no cringey "female power" lines. No jokes about periods. No jokes about faking orgasms. No jokes about a guys dick being small.
    Just a powerful woman who kicks ass.
    It was a perfect feminist movie because you could replace the lead character with a man, not change any of the dialogue, and it would still make sense.
    THAT is a feminist movie. One where it treats the female characters and male characters as equals. It's literally not important to the story that she's a woman, and holy shit was that refreshing.

    • 5d

      I should also clarify when I say it's really good.
      It's really good for an origin movie, which are notoriously not as good as the sequels.

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    • 4d

      I probably will
      I think I’m gonna wait a little bit and watch it illegally online just before endgame comes put

    • 4d

      You're probably gonna be stuck with a shitty cam rip then. I don't think it's gonna be out of theaters before Endgame drops.

  • You do understand that “feminist” does not equal men are assholes right?

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      everyone has a different definition of “feminist”

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    • 1d

      Thanks for MHO 💟

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  • It's not feminist in the least. There was never even an SJW talking point mentioned. She was declared as being an SJW because she said she wanted to see more people of color and women in the crowd of paparazzi and journalists who ask her questions. Now of course that doesn't mean gender inequality is happening, it could just be choices being made and many women and black people don't care to be in that career. Now it could be that women and black people do want to follow that path but either don't know how or don't make it. We don't know.

    My point is, I think people get overly triggered and call everyone SJW now. Making it a bit hard to discern when someone is being an SJW and when they are merely bringing up a point.

  • Its just a marvel movie
    I wouldn't make it into anything

    Its ok but not great

    • 5d

      Meh okay

      So you wouldn’t say it’s like anti male or anything like that?

    • 5d

      Nah its really just an exaggeration
      I dont even notice these things much

      At the end of the day its just a marvel movie
      People like to create buzz for their youtube channels, blogs and whatever else

    • 5d

      Yeah that’s what that one article made it look like

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