What do you think of Jim Shooter?

Jim Shooter was the editor in chief of Marvel in the Seventies and Eighties. He started writing comic books at age 13 and worked his way up to being editor in chief. He is most famous for the Dark Phoenix/Death of Jean Grey story, the first time a major Marvel hero permanently died. Jim insisted that Jean Grey stay dead to teach a moral lesson: that giving in to absolute power corrupts absolutely. While he was editor in chief, Jim was voted one of Manhattan’s most eligible bachelors and dated a couple famous models. Unfortunately, he was also an arrogant SOB who was hated by everyone else he worked with. When Sony Pictures bought Marvel, a lot of other important staffers threatened to quit unless Jim was removed, so Sony gave in and fired him. His former coworkers celebrated by bringing back Jean Grey and writing a story in which Pittsburgh (Jim Shooter’s hometown) was struck by a meteor and reduced to a smoking ruin.
What do you think of Jim Shooter?
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