Do You Think You Could Be a YouTuber?

Today, I saw a video of my favourite actress, Zendaya, reacting to her old YouTube videos and it was really funny- the videos and her reaction.

That reminded me of the sad time in my life when I discovered I could upload videos from my Ipad to YouTube, therefore I tried to be a YouTuber. I still remembered the password to the old account I used and logged into it and watched the old videos of myself and a couple I did with my brother and- UGHHHH I was such an ANNOYING child! I thought I swear there was some reference to sonic the hedgehog in every single video! I'd be talking and you could just hear the sonic music playing in the background I'm surprised SEGA didn't copyright strike me, that said they probably did but I was a dumbass 10-year-old and thought it was nothing- or a good thing. -_-

Could I be a YouTuber then? NO WAY.

Could I be one now? Maybe, I don't know. I mean, my friends always tell me I'd make a good YouTuber because I apparently have the 'look' and 'personality' but I probably wouldn't now because I don't know.

Anyway, that brings me to ask you the question: "Do you think you could be a YouTuber?"
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Do You Think You Could Be a YouTuber?
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