#CartoonSurvey fill out these questions?

1. What is a cartoon growing up you found was underrated
2. What was one you thought was overrated
3. Favorite character
4. least favorite character
5. Best cartoon theme song
6. Cosmo or Wanda?
7. Ed, Edd, or Eddy?
8. Are you a Spongebob or a Squidward?
9. Which Rugrat were you more like?
10. Which Powepuff Girl was your favorite?

1. Jimmy Neutron
2. Ren and Stimpy
3. Spongebob
4. Ren
5. Danny Phantom
6. Wanda
7. Double D (Edd)
8. Can be both depending on my nood
9. Chuckie
10. Hard to decide all three had good qualities. But I would say Blossom.
#CartoonSurvey fill out these questions?
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