Anyone goin to see aladdin?

Will smith remix will make ya wanna twerk and he hit the Carlton 😍😝 Aladdins dimples made him hawt but the manweave was awful. They all sang great but Jasmine was too tomboyish to be a princess πŸ˜‚ her hunched walk was killin me. Id watch again but mainly for the soundtrack. The outfits looked too costumish. The dance choreography was amazeballs. They did exactly as the cartoon but left out Jasmines infamous line (see the gif below). The feminist song and Will in drag was unnecessary but expected in todays world. Overall it was surprisingly good. I'd say 8/10. Will was funny but the soundtrack and dancing was the best part. Aladdins smile was amazing. The acting was ehh. Jasmine just lacked chemistry with aladdin on her end. Will smith looked sweaty af in blue paint but he hardly wore it in the film thank Lord #FeelFreeToList
Anyone goin to see aladdin?
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The movie was amazing but really was more of a Fresh Prince of Bel Air musical. Aladdin was more of THE ROLE of Jazz like a secondary character haha. But he was so handsome. The movie only neeeded Will and Aladdin honestly. Their acting and singing was amazing. Jasmines singing was amazing, acting was dead. Jafar tried. Poor guy lol. He did good tho. I loved the monkey and carpet. Background singers/dancers were everythint 😍 bollywood choreo included. But looked stageplay like Brandy Cinderella
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I didn't thimk he realized but the producer mentions here that his wife made him leave out jasmines sexy red outfit and the "beard is so twisted" line to promote some nonslave shit
Anyone goin to see aladdin?
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