John Wick 3 is a fun, but stupid movie?

The first 2 movies did not exceed my suspension of disbelief. But this one...
He is shot many times but its like he ignores the wounds and moves on for some reason
At the end he is shot 5 times and falls off a building But says he's just "pissed off" now.
And the pigeon coop guy (Laurence Fishburne) survives knife slashes to his gut, chest, and face
So are John Wick, and the Pigeon coop guy, secretly Thor-tier gods like from Marvel universe? That had their knowledge of their powers erased so they can survive anything? That's what it seemed like.
Also the fight scenes drag on too long, in the first 2 films they did not overwhelm with length. This movie also did not have enough depth and story.
John Wick 3 is a fun, but stupid movie?
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