I know my flow, but can't find the style of beat to match it. Any advice?

I was a trapper now I'm a rapper. I'm not a trap rapper. I bloody hate trap music. Sadly for the last couple years that's all I've heard. None sense nothing but none scene. What's the best way to readjust to something more my style. Beat wise I mean. I can spit and now listen to lyrical rappers. But when I hop on the beat myself some just feels off. It's like the trap crap is stuck in the back of my head.
Here's some a snippet of one of my songs to give y'all an idea.

origin story by MaddKing U-conje
he was slow learning his alphabets
more focused on adding bread
to find the sum of sh*t
had no cook book
Could still bake a b**ch
but he ate to fast
now his belly aches
so he pours another shot
than takes a sip
Than spits it out
cause he hates the taste
now he's living life in a bottle
he's sipping on the truth
cause it's harder to swallow
he got a glass half full
yet a bowl that's still hallow
little ni**a had to struggle
abandoned in abandoned places
little ni**a had to hustle
he didn't have the dime
but a ni**a had the time
had to get a job
had to get on his grind
now he's stumping everywhere
it was all about survival
his faith long lost
got no hand on the Bible
he can't blame the Lord
can't say he wasn't blessed
dripping so much talent
but no one's impressed
(gronnah boy)
little nigga he would puff his chest
to show he's vex
was only five
when he learned bout sex
I know my flow, but can't find the style of beat to match it. Any advice?
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