What do you think of Albert Cobb?

Albert Cobb was a middle-class white guy living in a suburb of Atlanta with his wife (no kids). Albert and his wife were very active in various liberal causes, especially the fight against racism, sexism and LGBTQ phobia. In his heart, Albert didn’t care that much about this stuff, but his wife was passionately committed to these causes and Albert loved her just as passionately, so he went along with it.

Then one night when they were walking back to their car from the Peachtree Center two Latino guys confronted them and demanded that Albert’s wife hand over her purse. Albert stepped in between his wife and the two guys and punched one of the guys so hard he broke his nose. The guy then pulled a pistol and shot Albert in the head. Now, as a ghost, Albert is consumed with hatred for “dark-skinned” people (Latinos and African-Americans; he has no problem with Asians). He really misses his wife, but since he’s a ghost he can’t talk to her.

Do you think Albert’s feelings are understandable given what happened to him? Or is he just taking his anger out on innocent people?

Albert Cobb is a character in the book Necropolis Atlanta.
What do you think of Albert Cobb?
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