Play Amanda's TV & movie trivia game #3?

Play Amandas TV & movie trivia game #3?
Can you name these movie and TV references?
Don't look them up! If you are stuck, lmk and I'll give some clues.

1. Name the next line of this song: "I'm picking out a thermos for you..."
2. Fill in the blank: "Knife goes in, guts come out, that's was X Seafood Concern is all about."
3. Fill in the blank: "Monkey's X X X X, Man." (A butchered variant of 'cat's out of the bag.'
4. Finish this Nicholson quote: “Anger can be useful. Watch out for the X.”
5. Name the character: “Let me tell you something. Nowadays, everybody's gotta go to shrinks and talk about their problems. What ever happened to Gary Cooper, the strong silent type? That was an American. He wasn't in touch with his feellings. He just did what he had to do."
5. Name the TV character, summarizing their choice of career: “They say the unexamined life is not worth living, but what if the examining becomes your life? Is that living, or just procrastinating?”
6. Name this character, also the title of the TV show: “I’m a bully.” “No, you’re not. You relentlessly mock, but it’s not for self-egrandizing. It’s because ideas are bigger than feelings.” “God says you look for excuses to be alone.” “See, that is exactly the kind of brilliance that sounds deep, but you can say that about any person who doesn’t pine for the social approval of everyone he meets. Next time, tell God to be more specific.”
7. Finish the line: "I drink and X X X."
8. Name the film: "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... all those moments will be lost, like tears in the rain. Time to die."
9. Name the film in which Margot Robbie explains mortgage-backed securities while in a bubble bath.
10. Name the film: "Who are you?" "I'm - -" "What do you do?" "Mostly player analysis right now." "Been on the job long? "It's my first job anywhere." "Wow, congrats. Why does Mark listen to you?" "Uh, I don't think he does very often." "He just did. I don't give a rat's ass what your name is. What happened in that room?"
Play Amanda's TV & movie trivia game #3?
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