If you like this song, we may have similar sensibilities?

I love this song and still have for years now. I actually try not to 'over listen' to it, to lessen its power. It's hypnotic and driving.

If you like it, hit me up. I want to see if we have anything else in common, any other sensibilities.

Elliot Moss, 'Without the Lights'Song by: Elliot Moss
Genre: Electronica
Release date: 2015
Choreographer: Phillip Chbeeb
Dancers: Erica Klein & Phillip Chbeeb

I'm speaking, and more interested, musically here, but it does also have an important theme being discussed:
'Without the Lights' shares the toxic claustrophobia that stems from an abusive relationship and the emotional and physical tolls abuse takes on a person.
Moss explains that the song is about “One person, or a singular experience, can alter how the rest of the world feels to us. This song, for me, is about becoming acquainted with a reality wherein we are forced to see our circumstances for what they truly are.”

Studio live version (this is the one I usually listen to):This isn’t the first time that Elliot Moss and dancer/choreographer Philip Chbeeb have collaborated.
Another good song from him:
'Slip'"His debut album, “Highspeeds,” is characterized by sleek voice distortion, layered acoustics and soft electronica, all best seen from the vantage point of his hit, “Slip.” With distorted vocals creating an ephemeral, misty tone, sliding synths and sound effects like cymbals sizzling to a silence, Moss crafts a slick atmosphere that fits the title.

What helped put “Slip” (and, by proxy, Moss) on the map was, interestingly enough, a dance cover of the song. Soon after the release of the album “Highspeeds,” choreographer Phillip Chbeeb partnered with dancer Renee Kester to create a spiraling, intricate dance piece set in an empty train station. This video went viral, garnering over 16 million views."

If you like this song, we may have similar sensibilities?
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