What Late Night Feeling keeps you up at night?

Allow me to introduce you to Music Producer and Artist Mark Ronson. (Now my third favourite music producer, after Nigel Godrich of Radiohead and George Martin of The Beatles.)
I have just discovered this imitable talent, but now realize he has been the driving force behind many projects and artists I have been thinking about and appreciating, as of late. I've been following breadcrumbs today.

Let me start with his most famous project. You must have been living under a rock (or potentially a different continent) if you haven't heard of the song 'Uptown Funk.' Bruno may be the singer/frontman on that particular song, but Mark is the man behind the music, it was his project. ‘Uptown Funk’, which won two Grammys, including Record Of The Year, spent 14 weeks at the top of the US chart and went on not merely to become the best-selling single of 2015, but one of the best-selling singles of all time: 20m copies and counting. But Ronson has collaborated with so many of today's most notable talents. (Lady Gaga's 'Shallow', anyone?) The trail runs deep.

Here is my favourite:
Mark Ronson with The Last Artful, Dodgr, performing 'Freak Of Nature'Sooooo... back to my question. I read this quote and thought, now that is a question.

In 2015 he put out his album 'Late Night Feelings.'
He’s keen to point out that the title 'Late Night Feelings' doesn’t just refer to romantic woe: it could mean “anything that keeps you up at night, whether it’s sadness or lust, or angst, or politics.”
So what is your Late Night Feeling about?


Some (a small portion) of collaboration videos:
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What Late Night Feeling keeps you up at night?
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