Do you like Lady Gaga?

Y’all please stream Lady Gaga’s new song, Rain On Me with Ariana Grande. It just came out 20 minutes ago. BUY AND STREAM IT ON ALL PLATFORMS AND GET IT TO NUMBER 1
It will be Ariana’s 4th number 1 and she’ll be the FIRST artist in history to have 4 number 1 debuts AND THE SONG IS ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD SO BUY IT TO SUPPORT THE QUEENS OF POP, THANK YOU.
And the music video comes out tomorrow too, watch that shit. Period.
3 d
I just asked this as an excuse to promote the song 😔
But my opinion on Gaga is that I liked her older music. Like her classic pop shit but I wasn’t a fan when she started experimenting with her sound.
But she’s extremely talented. She’s an incredible vocalist, her voice goes crazy. But her new music isn’t really my style most of the time, I love this new song tho. Probably wouldn’t like it without Ari 🙂
Do you like Lady Gaga?
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