Anyone dream anything crazy/weird last night?

I dreamt Godzilla was attacking the beachcity i go to gamble in. It was scary af and i was running through trainstations and stuff. So many people got killed but a lot of us teamed together to survive, including me teaming with my old friend guy Avery. Later on while back in that city, another villain is sent over to destroy. I was thinking king kong but it was like this giant chess king made of steel or something. I got the team together again, including avery and we’re outrunning dude as he tried to attack us in an apartment elevator. I end up in a basketball stadium and the chess piece shrinks to humanform and looks like the lizard scientist off of Amazing Spiderman. Turns out i was partially adopted or some shit. I think he was my real dad that did something with my mom. I don't know. Anyways, once i survive that incident, i end up on his home island. Avery and i can either stay there and be safe or we can go back to the city i gamble in... however, a new monster will be sent over with us. He and i go and a new monster is sent but we never get to see what it is. It just shakes the whole town with a huge robotic arm that like shoots missiles and stuff. Avery falls into this poisonous trap and while he's recovering, i go to gather the team who outran the first two monsters with me. Someone on the team brings in this new girl, a dike who tries to rape me with a strap on. y'all know i dont play that. So i freak tf out and wake up. Horrible ending to a horrible dream.
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Anyone dream anything crazy/weird last night?
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In last nights dream, Justin Bieber personally invited me to his concert in South Africa. For one, i never wanted to travel outside of the USA like that, but he flew me into SA. Then he gave me a discount. Tickets were $600 and he told me i only had to pay $120. Lmao i was fine paying that but im not even a JB fan like that so I don't know why he was in my dream and why he discounted me haha but i was thankful 🤷‍♀️ His backstage crew hated me for like no reason and kept tryna get me to leave
Anyone dream anything crazy/weird last night?
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