Please help me find these anime's! Read caption for information?

A few years ago i watched 3 anime's. I forgot all 3, but found 1 back 2 years ago. I again lost that one. At this point i am starting to think it maybe all was a dream. Because i have never found them back again. I literally went to sites to find back the characters and out of 2000 i didn't find them either.

Till 2 months ago, i found one of the 3 anime's back. This made me think that i really didn't dream it. So i want to ask if you guys maybe know the other 2? I will explain what it was about:

1. The first one was a movie if i am right. Or only had a few episodes (like 3). I remember the main character being named something like yuu or yu. That also was in the title if i am right.

It was about 2 brothers who lost there parents at a young age. They lived on the street and learned how to fight. But then some kind of ghost world came back or smt. They could go to that world by going through a gate. In the end the younger brother got possessed or brainwashed and stabbed the older brother. I don't think he died but it's possible that he did. It all happened in Japan.

2. The second one was AMAZING. It was about a small friendgroup. The opening scene was about a guy and a girl who got chased by police in the car. It looked really cool. But they got caught. Together with at least another guy and maybe some other characters they were brought to a big kind of room. There were like 30 other people there and they were about to get punished for their mistakes in life. But then something happened which teleported them to another world without them knowing that. Because they still were in the same room, just randomly monsters came out of the room which they had to fight. After the fight They wanted to go back but the whole world was covered in dirt. They had to survive there and the guy and the girl kinda fell in love. Then she got stabbed by some monster and I don't know anymore. That's all i remember.

Please let me know if you know any of these anime's. Anything is welcom
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O and by the way the main characters had dark brown hair. And in the second one i think the girl had red hair (not sure) and in the first one also was a big ghost or person. He helped the two boys. One boy was like 14 year old and the other like 10-12.
Please help me find these anime's! Read caption for information?
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