Would you rather watch Mulan 2020, or a Plum Bixie film, if one existed?

Early Zize: "I dont do magic-kicks. So dont ask!"
Early Zize: "I don't do magic-kicks. So don't ask!"
Later Zize: "Hrrrrrrrrgh..."
Later Zize: "Hrrrrrrrrgh..."
One features a nearly-already-perfect Asian Elsa, facing problems that didn't exist in China in that time. (E. g., nobody cared about witches. If they wanted to demonize her, they would've called her a demonic fox spirit or something.)

Another features an alternate timeline 2018, where a displaced Chinese MSS honeypot (not by her own choosing, she's a slave) is dumped into an apocalyptic Idaho during a hostile space alien mafia takeover, and must turn into a murder machine to survive - and find any other reason to live.

One is played by an actress who is madly in love with the CCP. The other is a character who was forced to work for them, learns to hate them (especially her chauvinist boss), and is all too happy to have a perfect excuse to not have to listen to them anymore.

One of them is described in her movie as "a witch." The other was injected with a serum that basically Deadpools her healing, but gives her insignificant other abilities. (But she doesn't get a Deadpool sense of humor. Just more inner rage.) She was trained to use several weapons back in China, in case her prostitution gigs on dignitaries went bad.

One uses magic kung-fu to solve her problems. The other, would rather launch an incendiary arrow through your left eye socket, and let nature do the rest. Or failing that, there's always bullets.

One saves China, and one avenges Idaho. One lives happily ever after. The other loses her voice and literally goes insane. One is celebrated with a sword. The other gets sedated in a mental hospital.

One was based on a classic ballad, which Disney bastardized. The other is literally a pending novel, currently available as a Sims 4 mod, inspired by a guy who played too many Far Cry games, having previously dated a Chinese call center worker a few years prior.

Which Chinese heroine would you rather watch?
That one film about the Ballad of Mulan, plus Disney's wacky woketard agenda
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That yet-to-be-made film about the ballad of Plum Bixie
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Would you rather watch Mulan 2020, or a Plum Bixie film, if one existed?
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