Which super power would you rather have, redo redo?

You start with one clone and can make one new clone per month. You share all experiences with the clones via a telepathic link. They are 100% loyal to you.

This works just like Shadowcat in Marvel. You can phase through the entire planet, and you can phase objects through one another.

Mind Control
Only works against evil people, for the purpose of capturing criminals and putting them in prison.

Limited to line of sight or a location you know well. You can take other people with you.

Double Peak Attributes
So you'd be twice as strong as the worlds strongest man, and twice as fast as Usain Bolt, etc.

You control plants and animals telepathically.

Super Senses
Your senses are 10 times better than peak human, and you can see in Infrared, Ultraviolet, and X-Ray spectra.
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Phasing (Shadow Cat)
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Mind Control (Vs Evil Only)
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Double Peak Human Attributes
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Super Senses
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Thanks for the replies. Even though the respondents did not make posts in response, by expressing their opinion in the Poll they have shown interest and the fact they have considered similar questions in the past.
Which super power would you rather have, redo redo?
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