Wtf is a dwarf?

wtf is da dwarf. he use some double-bladed axe or sumfin with short staff. why would u use short weapon if u short 2 fight 6-foot tall elves or humans or whatnot? if i was dwarf i would make like a 10 foot long spear. then just run up and stab people in the dick

dat what dwarves should do. but it ain't like dat in da lord of ring or da dungeon and da dragon ain't it? its like da dwarves have some big ass hammer or big ass axe with short shaft. its like i am short, therefore i should use a short weapon

what a bunch of pricks. no wonder they live in mines or sumshit. they get their asses kicked if they live out in the wild
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like imagine u 6-foot tall human with long sword. and there is dwarf charging at u with big hammer on a little stick. u just put ur sword out there and prob he impale himself. dwarves sux
Wtf is a dwarf?
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