Wanna Write a story With me?

I will start the sentence then the next person who replies, will add onto this story, and each reply will keep the story going.

I am in really Loud Music Store. , . .
1 mo
When the story needs to stop. I will update it in here, and start up a new beginning. I have plenty.
21 d

Your reply will be after the last person replied to make the story go on.

Until it is time for me to start a new beginning to a new story.. I will let ya know.
Here is a new story---here is the beginning.
" Walking to the park...
11 d
NEW TITLE: Driving down a long and "a one way windy road" in the darkness. . . .
New reply.. you go... and then the next reply and then so on...

Wanna Write a story With me?
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