Did I influence Jersey Shore?

Last season I posted an important message on Jersey Shore's facebook page stating that they should follow their lives at home with their spouses, kids etc. rather than just putting them in a house to drink and fight as if They're still 20 years old with no responsibilities.
They listened and the new Jersey Shore is so good.
Don't you think I got through to them?
I've seen a lot of stuff change on tv because of stuff I say online.
Yaaas, you are the ultimate influencer!!
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Nah, you drink too much my dude.
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2 mo
You guys wanna know the honest truth?
CNN has talked about specific things I said online in the past.
Stuff has happened on the show "The Challenge" that I specifically mentioned.
There's been other lines in shows that also came from my online posts.
I guarantee that the producers of Jersey Shore read what I wrote.
I know more about that stupid show than anyone on earth.
I really think I fixed it.
Believe me or not, you're welcome. 🙂
Did I influence Jersey Shore?
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