Girls, slasher movie ideas/suggestion?

hi everyone,
I specifically wanted women's opinion on this cause it seems like the primary demography for slasher movies are us ladies.
So we've been planning to make our slasher movie... its low budget and for a film school project. And it seems there's no shortage of slashers like cheerleader camp of death, soririty massacre, etc. just a dude killer and a bunch of dead gals.
You guys think its a better idea to go reverse with a female killer and instead of teen girls being victimized its the boys?

Also any ideas for the death scenes? we're low budget so can't spend crazy on SFX but we do got axes, pitchforks and knife props...
Go different, killer woman and dead teen boys
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Go cliche, killer dude and dead teen gals
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Girls, slasher movie ideas/suggestion?
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