What genre of music would you categorize this band?

Alice in Chains.

I don't pay much attention to what genre a band is, I just like what I like. I'm just a bit curious because I've heard other fans of this band argue about what genre it is. Some say Alice in Chains is a glam metal band that's gone grunge. Or they flip flop between stoner metal and hard rock. Or do you think it can be said they possess multiple of these elements at the same time? What do you say?

Them bones

Check my brain

I know somethin' ('bout you)
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Hah, I'll be upfront with you. I was a total nirvana fan boy. But since middleschool I've grow away from them. I'm very familiar with most the bands you've listed. Nutshell and Wake up always bring a tear to my eye. My favorite bands are Alice in chains, The Meat Puppets, Polvo, Mazzy Star, Mastodon. But my all time favorite band is Dinosaur Jr. Maybe you know of them already but I've got to share these songs.
What genre of music would you categorize this band?
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