Which fictional Card would you rather have?

This is for a TCG I'm making, like MTG or Pokemon. To avoid infinite combos and turn 1 kills, there are NO "totally free" cards in the game.

Yahweh, False God 2BB
Body Unit - Demon - D (Double Rare)
Upkeep: Forfeit a non-token Unit or Yahweh deals 6 damage to you.
Power: 6
Life: 6
Armor: 1
"An actual Almighty Creator does not need a sacrifice." Wise Saying.

Departed Saint 3SS
Spirit Unit - Saint - R
0: Exhaust target Unit. Use this ability only once each turn.
Power: 4
Life: 4
Armor: 1
"After Honor, comes Life."

Command S
Spirit Fast Effect - Used - U
Turn target unit Face-Down. (Face-down units count as 2/2 units.)
Draw a card.
"Kneel and Repent!"

Suggestion M
Mind Disrupt - Exiled - U
Disrupt target deployment, it's owner draws two cards.
"Here's a thought!"

Mind Blank B
Body Disrupt - Exiled - U
As an additional cost to deploy Mind Blank, discard two cards.
Disrupt target Deployment.
Brandon ignored the pain, and rendered the Necroseer's attacks useless.

Time Stop 2MM
Mind Effect - Lost - D (Double Rare)
Take another turn after this turn.
"I saw that attack coming a mile away." - Brandon Fel.

Lich Ring 1
Tool - D (Double Rare)
Forfeit a Unit: Exhaust or Reset target permanent.
"The Necroseer exists to gain power"
Yahweh, False God
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Departed Saint
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Mind Blank
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Time Stop
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Lich Ring
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Which fictional Card would you rather have?
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