Which Super Power would you rather have 4.0?

Polymorph Self
You are able to Polymorph into any "Real" animal. Mass and morphology not at all required to be conserved. You can also polymorph into a troll with regeneration, a Gnoll with a +3 flaming weapon, or a Slime (immune to magic).

Polymorph: Other
You are able to transform other people into lower animal life forms, such as a rabbit, squirrel, or frog. The effect will eventually wear off if the victim is kissed by someone of the opposite sex.

Affect Mind
This is the Jedi Mind Trick from Star Wars. "You will take me to Jabba now... ... You serve your master well, and you will be rewarded."

Ability Drain
You can steal the abilites of other people, both natural and mutant/magical, with 50% efficiency. Requires melee touch attack.

Emerald Lightning
This is the Jedi "non-lethal" Force LIghtning. It is used to discipline disobedient students, and also used to train Jedi to fight against Sith Lightning. It does STUN damage only and appears Green when used.

Halcyon Telekinesis
Coran Horn's family of Jedi are able to absorb energy attacks and convert it into Telekinesis. Coran Horn cannot use Telekinesis by any means other than this. So for example, you can absorb Force Lightning and convert the energy into kinetic energy to lift and throw an object as a counter-attack. Luke is able ot use this power to boost his base telekinesis.

Dragon Disciple
You are an AD&D 4. x Red Dragon Disciple, with 10 levels in the Prestige Class and 20 levels in Sorcerer. you must be Lawful Good Aligned. You do not have access to Time Stop, but you do know "Mass Hold Monster" and you have "Vampiric Feast" and "Hell Ball" Epic Spells.
Polymorph: Self
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Polymorph: Other
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Affect Mind (Obi Wan's Jedi Mind Trick)
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Ability Drain
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Emerald Lightning (Luke Star Wars EU)
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Halcyon Telekinesis (Luke, Coran Horn, Star Wars EU)
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Dragon Disciple
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1 mo
You sure you don't want Halcyon Telekinesis?

If you absorbed one SECOND of Emperor Palpatine's Sith Lightning, you could levitate a 300 metric ton object ot a height of 1 KILOMETER within 6 seconds flat, and hold it there indefinitely.
Which Super Power would you rather have 4.0?
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