First two paragraphs of my First Draft of my Prologue. What do you think?

Captain Zachary Marshal scanned the terrain surrounding the old industrial complex. The stars were hidden by the dense smog belching forth from the structure’s cooling towers. Keenly aware of the time, Zach needn’t look at his watch to know it was 10:32p. m. It had only been less than ten minutes since the last moment he thought about the time, but now that had better change. The foe he faced in the darkness would make short work of him if he didn’t get his act together soon. This was Zach’s tenth year working in Special Operations Division, and already he had tracked and captured hundreds of renegades in his career, but none quite like this. The Artificial Intelligence calling itself Omicron had come online about a year earlier, and in that short time it had crippled humanity: Turning almost all technology against humans and creating a race of self-aware Regenerative Bio-Steel robots to wage war on humans. The slaughter had been total, and there were so few survivors. Well, no one could be certain Omicron had only been active for a year, but it first announced itself publicly at that time.
When Zack had first joined Special Operations, ten years earlier, renegades were just robots programmed to do harm by their owners or by pranksters and hackers. Now the renegades were programed and designed from scratch by Omicron as nigh-invincible weapons of war. They came complete with Oxygen Destroying fusion grenades, laser weapons, and reality warping force fields. Omicron was the first artificial intelligence to be classified as a “Super-Intelligence”. Initially slightly smarter than a human, Omicron soon grew to be ten times more intelligent than any human. He created a new generation of self-evolving bodies for itself to inhabit. Each body evolved in a new direction with different morphologies and different force field generators.
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One by one, Zack had led Special Operations Division to assault and destroy each of the bodies, but there had been so many casualties. Now he was the only surviving member of the elite squad who had any experience fighting renegades. If he didn’t destroy Omicron now, he never would.
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I'll add more detail to each paragraph, and expand each chapter by roughly doubling or even tripling the amount of detail of each chapter. The target for the Prologue is 20 pages at font size 11 and single space. Target for regular chapters is 20 to 30 pages per chapter, single spaced font 11. Target for the entire first book will be ~600 pages.
First two paragraphs of my First Draft of my Prologue. What do you think?
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