What animals can you relate to/represent you?

For myself, they are...

Eagle - Because I always look a wee pissed
Bunny - Because I’m horny
Alligator - because I hiss sometimes for no reason
Deer - I’m always listening to everything
Water - Balance
Rock - I’m like a rock... but rocks don’t hit back
Indoraptor - it’s a wee funny when people are about to be killed and they don’t even know
Kitten - I’m a cuddly creature
Owls - I like small and dark spaces and night
Troodon - Intelligence
Madtsoia Bai/ Grand Mother of Kings Canyon - I might kill you if we’re cuddling. I like to call it Merciless Affection

Now you know a wee something about me. I’m interested in what the rest of you have to say.
What animals can you relate to/represent you?
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